The Profit Advisor
Femke Hogema

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Dig deep into this book. It will be time well spent. And when you are finished reading the book, I think you will be as grateful to know Femke as I am. She is that good. This book is that good. Enjoy.

This is the first time I have read a book which brings together all the aspects required for a 21st century accounting professional to thrive rather than survive, as standard.

Most importantly, the book challenges the reader to act and then provides a framework for doing exactly that, which is critical for any professional looking to escape ‘The Compliance Trap’.

The Profit Advisor clearly explains the challenge that both business owners and their accountants face in working together.  Technology is changing rapidly and constantly.  Business is moving faster than ever.  Accountants must move quickly too to provide their clients with relevant information to guide them towards profitability.  Having been on this journey myself with my accounting practice, this book helped me refine my product offerings to ensure we are meeting our clients needs and are helping them to achieve their profit goals.  This book is easy to read and will give you the steps necessary to move you down the advisory path quickly. 

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  • Template: Client Assessment
  • Checklist: Implementation plan the Profit Advisor
  • Checklist: Step-by-step plan chapter 4


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